(More on the) Reel Mower

We were visiting a friend. They are managing an accommodation property out near Murawai. There was lots of old rusty agricultural hardware littered around the place. One that caught my eye was an old mower – it had a similar (albeit wider) helical reel as the one I used for the base […]

Shoe Cupboard

An old travelling trunk perched on a pile of crap in a skip is something you shouldn’t really see. It’s sad, particularly on a street in Auckland where the trunk is older than 99% of anything else man-made within a 4000 km radius. If you see something like this, please […]

Lawn Mower Reel Lamp

I found a rusty old reel – that’s the helical blade bit – a while ago and pondered what to do with it. I gave up and gave in and made the go-to lamp (stand and the rest of the lamp). Reel mowers, as anything, are intriguing. Quoting wikipedia: Of […]

Subaru Legacy AUX-IN

I bought one of these wire things (which I randomly came across) from WaveTech, Christchurch: Took out the stereo, Installed the wire ,which daisy chains between the socket in the back of OEM stereo and whatever-the-AUX-1 is (still TBC!) Now I have my phone music – Google Music, Spotify, whatever […]

Outdoor Shower: The Pressure Problem

The Success So I have been getting around a 50°C water temperature for solar shower on a good sunny day. It heats up from around 20-25°C. This is great, after all it’s the point of the thing. However, it’s been causing problems. The Problem The shower’s storage capacity is around […]

Fixing Steering Wheel Control Button

Youtube video below is pretty useful as a starting point – he is replacing the steering wheel. Heed the video author’s advice to disconnect the battery and discharge as residual charge to avoid ‘testing’ the airbag. I think the guy in video wings it with wrong type of screwdriver to […]

Legacy GT: It is a B Spec?

We bought a new car. Its a 2006 Subaru Legacy GT spec B 6MT. Trying to find out the exact model of your Japan-import Legacy is like going down the rabbit hole. You are after one close to the top one, but you might actually be looking at the bottom […]

Barbeque Beer Bread

I didn’t think of this recipe, I cribbed it from this book, but good luck finding that book unless you are in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Or perhaps you have a mum who went there and randomly bought it for you for as a present. Hum? In the loaf I baked, […]

Subaru 2006 GT-B Wagon

  New Subaru Teething Problems The new car is great, but I shall cut to the chase – there are a few wrinkles to iron out. These are niggles that I suppose a new car (owner) would not suffer. Anyhow,  as part of my new year’s resolution to be the 1% […]


WeatherBox Datafeed I added a thermometer to my outdoor solar shower, and a bit more. Table below shows the the most up-to-date data coming out if it: Sensors The WeatherBox is just a mash-up of relatively simple arduino (Uno)-based circuits/ sensors: Water Sensor and Water Temperature The water sensors (water presence […]