Vintage Radio in the Movies

In this post I described how I had done up an old (60s) Philips radio. I was on a plane to Sydney the other day, watching the Eddie the Eagle movie and noticed same/similar model in the bar at the ski-jump school in Germany.      

Eddie the Eagle, courtesy of the Daily Mail website


Outdoor Solar Shower

I have built a solar outdoor shower in our back garden – it connects into the outdoor garden tap (i.e. to the water mains). The version currently up is a Mark II. The Mark I used garden hose as the storage/ heating element weaved over the front of a wooden […]

Day Engine – plan your day away

Day Engine was a web app I created for the 2013 Google Cloud Developers’ Competition. It fared badly in a kind of no-useful-feedback-at-all kind of way. Ho hum, never mind. Website still operational here It creates a day-out for you, based on things like: Where you are How long you […]


Philips radio rejuvenated

Vintage Radio

Intro We bought an old radio from the local charity shop – the man in the shop (who, incidentally, is also my neighbour) thought it might work as-is. It didn’t, thankfully, since I think a fire may have ensued if it had worked. Its a Philips and this website dates a […]

Automatic Door Opener Part 2 – Electronics. The Sound Modem

Synopsis I am using an Arduino microcontroller to control DC motor powering the Doggy Door Opener. I might also use the microcontroller to monitor a couple of microswitches and control a solenoid deadlock too. An old Android phone is the brains – it has the touch screen, WiFi, Bluetooth (for dog […]



RepRap Prusa i3

My first exposure to 3d printing was working in the architecture departure at Auckland Uni. I was also working for an engineering consultants at the time and had designed a pretty complex bits for a façade tension system. There were two of these things and they had a fair few parts. From […]

Automatic Door Opener – Part 1

Introduction We got a dog and with it quite a bit of hassle. Dogs are a hassle. The constant-eating-stuff thing is manageable, and well documented. We have an okay-sized house and an okay-sized garden and I took it on myself to somehow convert our back door into an automated slider, […]

The idler housing


St Heliers Tornado – Part 2

Preamble I finally got round to crunching some numbers with the measurements I made following the downing of a tree on St Heliers waterfront a month or so ago. In the process found a great freeware MathCAD clone, SMath, which I am using a bit at work too. I recommend it, if […]

St Heliers Tornado

It’s not every day that you get to see first hand damage extremely high winds can do in benign Auckland where I live. Sure, storms come and go, but they are not really the ‘wind events’ that I fret over at work designing building facades. Winter storms might be 1-in-5 […]



Design Code Derived Wind Loads vs. CFD – Part 2

Recap… This is the second part in a series of posts looking at the value in using computational fluid dynamics modeling software to derive design facade pressures on a building. The last post looked at design pressures on a simple rectangular building using a loading design code (AS/NZS1170.2 – I […]